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noyer_destin's Journal

{.Drowning Destiny.}
12 March
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Bonjour~ My name is Marie. I'm also known as circelefay, but that username got boring and a bit unmanageable, so I created this one.

I'm 15 years old and I live in Pennsylvania.
I'm going into high school as a freshman.

I am in bandfront.
I play the rifle. ;P

Here is my graphics journal,
if you're looking for my icons and such-- they're THERE, not here.

"Noyer destin" is French for "to drown destiny."
(Je parle un peu français, parce que je suis dans français un et ma mère est française. Mes grand-pères habitent à Avignon.)

I created the community namelessbird-- but no one has left any comments there, and it is no longer active due to that general lack of participation.

I enjoy writing, nature, reading, and music, among other things.

I love other languages, and when I grow up I hope to go overseas as an interpreter for the FBI.

The only languages I know in-depth at the moment are English and French, but I hope to learn Arabic.

Support love.

My DeviantART Account.

My Myspace.

fallenblackpetals@yahoo.com <-- My email address.

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